Observing the Observatory: First in a Series

Carl Zeiss Universarium IX

This past week, fellow writer and photographer extraordinaire eecue and I got a special in-depth tour of the Griffith Park Observatory that was really out of this world! Awesome is the only way to describe it. You get the full run. From the classics: The Zeiss 12 inch refractor telescope, the Foucault Pendulum and the Camera Obsura; to the new: the Event Horizon Auditorium, The Café at the End of the Universe with a perfect view of the Hollywood sign and the new Carl Zeiss Universarium. Every inch is stunning. I was reminded once again, how lucky we are to live in Los Angeles. From the deck of the observatory you look out to the west and see the ocean sparkling beyond the towers of Century City, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. To the east you have a great view of downtown and then behind you are the hills of Hollywood with the Hollywood sign nestled in so sweetly. It was stunning.
Over the next week, we’re gonna do a several part series to give you a re-cap of some of the new aspects of the joint. It’s opening on November 3rd, so make your reservations now.

You can see more Griffith Observatory photos from eecue here.