Metroblogging turns 50!

Karte_Aut_Stmk_G.pngThat’s right folks, our 50th city is live now. Swing by Graz and see what the bloggers there are up to. Of course this is our 2nd Austrian blog joining our friends in Vienna. For new readers who want some trivia, this whole crazy Metroblogging project started right here in Los Angeles back in November, 2003. And now here we are, 50 cities later. Welcome Graz!

4 thoughts on “Metroblogging turns 50!”

  1. From our FAQ:

    “If your city is not listed, it’s not because we don’t think you deserve a site, it’s because no one has signed up from your town yet. You can be the first. We won’t launch a city until we have about 10 bloggers from that area committed to the site, so if you want your city online faster, tell your friends.”

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