Bar fight at Musso & Frank!


Not to turn this into or anything, but today we were at Musso and Frank to celebrate my birthday, and although I’m sure they offer other lunchtime foodstuffs, flannel cakes simply must be obeyed.

There are three older guys at the bar as we come in. (This is
around 11:00 AM, for those of you keeping score.) There were some raised voices at the bar after we were seated, but I wasn’t paying attention until two of the guys get up to go to their table, and as they pass the third one, one guy tells him to, and I quote, “Kiss my ass.”

We are in our usual booth next to the bar, so I see the aggrieved lush (a morning regular, as we were later informed: martini and a Heineken) grumbling as the two gentlemen are seated behind us. The guy at the bar gets up, pays his tab, and walks past us, drink in hand. At this point I got a nudge from my man, as he had a better view and was confident that something amusing was about to happen.

The injured party walks over to the guy seated at the booth, grumbles something about ass-kissing, and TOSSES HIS DRINK ON THE GUY! He then walks out, Johnny Wetpants in hot pursuit. Apparently there was further friction either on the other side (with the counter) or in the parking lot, which we were not privvy to, alas.

5 thoughts on “Bar fight at Musso & Frank!”

  1. Happy Bday Ruth 666
    Thanks for the post but I have to say… whats the deal with Musso and Frank and the sliding parking charge scale? I drop $200+ and they nick me HARD for being 2 minutes over the alloted time? I seriously think they have a clock back there and they hang on to your bill or your spinach or whatever to maximnize the return on the parking lot. Am I paranoid? no. just cranky

    and I’m not wearing pants

  2. Happy B’day old pal, but by now you got the legit greetings. What are “flannelcakes”? Let me know when you have time for our celebratory lunch for your b’day along with a stroll through SO Fashion Square.

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