When Pranks Go Wrong

Pranks Turns Tragic When Shopping Cart Falls on Woman

PASADENA, October 24, 2006 – A shopping cart that had been hoisted atop a supermarket flagpole by pranksters fell on a Ralphs employee and broke her neck.

“The cart fell on (her) when she untied the rope to raise the flag, something she did every day when she went to work,” police Lt. Lisa Perrine said Tuesday. The accident occurred Saturday morning outside the Ralphs in the 300 block of West Colorado Boulevard, she said. Someone apparently raised the empty cart aloft during the night. Perrine did not know how much the shopping cart weighed or how it was attached to the top of the pole.

Shantie Marjal, 62, of Eagle Rock has been hospitalized in serious condition.

I wonder if this is a Halloween prank gone seriously wrong? Not to be a killjoy, but while many pranks are harmless, some do have the potential to maim and kill. I hate reading tragic stories about people who are injured or killed because of some “seemingly harmless prank.” Don’t people know there are consequences for their actions?

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  1. I was relieved to hear in today’s L.A. Times story that surgery was preliminarily successful in stabilizing the fracture to her spine and she is able to move her legs. Barring any complications she’s expected to survive although with what level of disability is unknown. My prayers go out to her.

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