LAPD Officer killed on Riverside Dr. on Sunday

While coming home from a few shows last night I drove down Riverside between Glendale and Los Feliz Blvds. There’s been a lot of construction on Riverside and I remembered seeing firetrucks and the entire street being blocked off by a rather disheartened looking police officer last Sunday so I kept my eyes open to see if I could see signs of whatever went down.

I saw a sign, wreaths and candles up on a fence near the entrance to the 5. Something bad had apparently gone down on Sunday.

I turned my car around and drove by again, this time more slowly, reading the sign memorializing LAPD Officer Landon Dorris. I quickly went home and consulted the LAPD blog and found that Officer Dorris was killed after he was hit by a car on Sunday night. You can read the report about the incident here. It’s kind of shocking to read about death so close to your home, especially when it is someone in a position of authority.

My heart goes out to Officer Dorris’ friends and family and the entire LAPD family.

One thought on “LAPD Officer killed on Riverside Dr. on Sunday”

  1. I live in the apartment building just in front of where the accident occurred. I came home just minutes after it happened. On the freeway as I drove toward the Los Feliz exit, cop car after cop car passed me by speeding in the same direction. I had to be waived into my garage, driving through the road blocks and tape and what not. I didn’t know what was happening, because none of the cops would say anything. I didn’t find out until later on Sunday night, when I saw it on the news. It was quite disturbing to know the first cop to die on duty for a long time died in front of my living room window.

    The sad part is they have been working on installing a traffic light near the intersection close to where the accident occurred. If it had been functional maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

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