Chainsaw Awards!


Last Sunday I went to my first award show taping and it was very exciting considering it was Fangoria’s first taped Chainsaw Awards! My love of horror movies is intense and even though the Chainsaw Awards is geared towards horror films of the last year (whereas I prefer horror films of years’ past) I was in heaven…or hell…which ever you prefer.

Awesome celebrities seen: the Ghouls Girls Next Door, Ron Jeremey (!!!), the drummer for No Doubt, Robert Englund, Danny Trejo, Rob Zombie, Sherri Moon Zombie, Jordan Catalono (oh wait, I mean Jared Leto), Shamus aka the new Damien, Anthony Kiedis, and more I’m sure I’m forgetting. No Sid Haig or George A. Romero which was a total bummer.

We got there in time to watch the black-carpet arrivals – black hearses pulled up with zombie valets. Sexy.After we got inside and waited until the opened the theater I had the distinct pleasure of having Freddy Kruger walk by me in the beer line. Sigh. The stage itself was decorated a little cheesy with a pseudo Damien Hirst-like severed bloody limbs in plastic boxes but the category award graphics were awesome – very old school. The presenters were properly cheesy and the bands (30 Seconds to Mars, Chingy, and Avenge Sevenfold) took themselves very seriously. And though I still can’t condone all the re-makes (Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or the numerous sequesls), some of those I saw and who won reminded me that the avante-garde spirit of horror films is still, ahem, alive and well.

The Chainsaw Awards aired on Fuse this past Sunday, October 22. If you look real close you might see our horrified faces on the small screen!