Buy a Train Ticket, Get a Free Show

public.gifThanks to Yosi for pointing out a really cool free Secret Machines concert downtown tomorrow that’s part of the Public Displays of Affection series. Why’s it so cool? Because instead of buying a ticket, you have to take a train to Union Station and present your Metro ticket stub at the door to get in. Neato.

Public Displays is part of “a series of events designed to show public transportation in Los Angeles a little love,” and if you ask me this is exactly the kind of thing they need to be doing to educate a broader audience about using the Metro. A cool band, hip sponsors and popular special guests will go a lot farther persuading some kinds of people than lectures about civic responsibility.

6 thoughts on “Buy a Train Ticket, Get a Free Show”

  1. i LOVE the secret machines. it’s too bad I have to drive to a train station to take the train to the show.

  2. Nuh uh, Benhigh–if you looked at the poster at the link, it says that tickets cannot be bought at Union Station.

    The poster says a train or bus ticket. It’s been a few months sice I’ve taken an MTA bus, so they might have started giving you tickets, but I seriously doubt it and instead think that these people have never taken an MTA bus in their lives.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately it will probably be super hard to get into for people that work 9-6 or later jobs. This is more known about than the “secret” Banksy show.

  4. That is an incredible idea. I get frustrated when I see so many people alone in their cars. Public transportation is very practical if you can figure out how it all works.

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