What You Say?

It’s that time of the week again – we made some posts and you had something to say about them. Here’s the most commented on posts of last week:

  • M-O-M dismissed – What started as a brief follow up news blip about an earlier post has spiraled into an all out war of the words in the epic fight over the difference between graffiti and gang tags. If the motivation, process, and result art different, are the two the same thing just because they both utilize spray paint?
  • Hit and Run in Silver Lake – My car was parked outside of my house when a Hummer H2 plowed into it and then took off. Security cameras caught the whole thing, this is still developing and lots of great suggestions here.
  • A New York State Of Mind – What to do with the cornfield? A New York firm has put up a proposal, except they some how made it 640% too large, suggesting a chunk of downtown including Dodger Stadium get leveled. Reactions are not exactly what you might expect.
  • Petty Theft – Heathervescent’s continuing saga of trashmongers taking things out of her garbage bins, and readers arguing about how right/wrong/legal that is.
  • Keep Burning Man Segregated – Los Angeles Burners took over downtown last week, including some places that weren’t delighted to see them. Comment thread is full of “Hippies!” and “Nuh uh!”