Expo Is Still Not A Color

We are one step closer to more light rail on the Westside, according to the Venice Paper. New studies are being initiated by Bill Rosendahl about reviving the LAX Green Line stop, as well as a stop on the proposed Expo line that could connect to a light rail line running up Lincoln Boulevard to Santa Monica (!)

These are studies, mind, so these may not be things which come to pass. But it gives a little more hope of light rail on the Westside someday. The Expo Line fact sheet, by the way, is here.

In other Metro-related discussion, last night, the boyfriend and I were explaining the L.A. metro system to a recent transplant from New York. We got to the part about how yes, L.A. has a subway, and then had to admit, they could be more useful if only they ran longer hours. If the Metro Gold and Red lines only ran to 3am on weekend nights, we’d use them all the time to get to and from Hollywood, and the clubs out there. I know that the trains actually cut back service in 2005 due to low ridership after hours, but couldn’t any attempts at awareness be made to bring more people onto trains when they’re going out? It would be awesome! It would cut down on drunk driving! It would mean not having to deal with Hollywood parking!

I emailed Metro asking about this, as a result. I hope they write back. I especially hope that someday, they re-consider a test of the late night hours on weekends. It will be years before I can ride the trains regularly from the Westside, but I’d sure like to ride them more right now when I go out in Hollywood.

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  1. Good call on the extended hours for the Gold and Red lines; I couldn’t agree more.

    When they were running until around 2am, I thought it was superb. That they no longer do so puts a serious brake on my plans to use the rail to get to say downtown, Chinatown, or Hollywood on weekend nights. Usually, I end up opting for the car, which was not what I wanted to do. Even if they only had them run once every half an hour, that’s better than nothing.

    I’ll write them too. Hopefully other will as well.

  2. Hey Jillian, I just found out the following info regarding a customer conference the MTA has scheduled for tomorrow: evening:

    Metro Rail Customer Conference – How is your Metro Rail service?
    Tuesday, October 24, 2006 – 6:45 p.m.
    Metro Gateway Headquarters, One Gateway Plaza (next to Union Station), Los Angeles.

    The goal of this meeting is to open up a dialogue with users and management. It will cover consumer issues. Find out how and why the Gold Line schedule was improved end-to-end. Find out first hand what was done to change this. Find out why Metro signage is so poor and listen to proposed solutions.

    What ways are there to improve Blue and Green Line connectivity at Rosa Parks station? Can ticket vending machines do better? User friendliness? Improvements? Difficulties?

    What about Gold and Green Line freeway station noise? Any progress? Can barriers help? If the Green Line extension to Lincoln/Sepulveda moves forward, how would operations to both the South Bay and the Westside be proposed?

    Do you want to ask about express service? Find out about the disaster of the Gold Line Express. This is the place. You can discuss other issues of customer service and service delivery.

    This meeting will NOT deal with rail service expansion. That is a topic for another group of executives and the Long Range Plan that is coming up later this year or in early 2007. This meeting is not to talk about fares, possible new lines or Metro Board politics.

    OK, so are you interested in attending?

    The catch: you need to get an invitation. The cost: none. To get an invitation, fill out this form on the Transit Coalition site. First & last name, mailing address, phone number to contact you, birth date, and gender. Also include any questions you might want to ask, as we are going to organize this to avoid duplication and eliminate off topic material.

    Link to form :http://www.thetransitcoalition.us/ttc_signupspecial.htm

    Any information you submit must match that on your drivers license or legal id, as you are going into a secure building.

    This meeting will be at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24 in downtown Los Angeles in a security area at Metro Gateway. There are only so many slots, so if you want to talk first hand to the decision makers, take action now.

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