“Trivia is a game played by those who realize that they have misspent their youth but do not want to let go of it.”

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/10/aajatriviabowl-tamlyntomita-davidono-2006-thumb.jpgEdwin Goodgold (attributed author of the above quote) may have his opinion but the trivia played tonight at Trivia Bowl XXII hosted by the Asian American Journalists Association, Los Angeles Chapter (AAJA-LA) was anything but child’s play.

This ultra-competitive, team quiz-style event drew hundreds of people including journalists, lawyers, and other members of the Asian American community to go through 5 rounds of 20 trivia questions ranging from surprising easy (What is the name of the default friend on myspace.com?) to obscure. Most questions (not all) were tied to some sort of current event. Hosted by David Ono, each round was punctuated with his “biting wit” and raffle/auction/fundraising efforts done by other well-known folks such as Tamlyn Tomita, Ted Chen, Susan Hirasuna, Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls), and others. In the photo I took above, you’ll see Tamlyn auctioning off a lunch with David Ono (winning bid… $50… if it’s lunch WITHOUT David Ono).

This is my second time competing on the KTLA team (though next year I could be pursuaded to defect!) and our goal was simply: do not go home with the Ramen Cup (last place). That distinction went to City News Service with a final score of 12 (out of 100). First place went to the Japanese American Bar Association (JABA) with a final score of 77.

A recreation of some of the questions… (try to answer them with no help from the intarweb)
1. Current Events – A team of Russian and American physicists says it has created three atoms of a new element. The as-yet-unnamed element, element 118, is the heaviest yet discovered. What other element did scientists bombard with billions of calcium ions to create this new element?

2. History & Geography – The Michelin Man was created as a mascot for Michelin tires. What is his name?

3. Arts & Entertainment – Ronald S. Lauder, the art collector and cosmetics heir, bought a 1907 Gustav Klimt painting for a record $135 million last June, making it the world’s most expensive painting. What is the name of the painting?

4. Science & Literature – On September 1, 1914, the last known passenger pigeon species died at the Cincinnati Zoological Garden. What was its name?

5. Sports & “California Living.” – Located in Landers, California, structure is described on its website as “acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex.” What is its name?

Answers below the jump…

1. Californium
2. Bibendum
3. Adele Bloch-Bauer I
4. Martha
5. The Integratron

So how’d you do?

I wonder how a team of bloggers would fare at this event??? (Hint for a blogging.la team next year, perhaps???)

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