Proposition Overload

Did you know there will be 13 propositions on the ballet November 7th. I can never understand which side the proposition is on, because they are usually written in esoteric politi-speak. Do you vote on these things? Luckily my friend Peter Stahl goes through the propositions and rates them. His list for the upcoming election is here. Of course he has his own opinion, however even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of his views, his reviews make me think about the propositions. Peter has been doing this since 1980! and has a great list of resources.

You can still register to vote for a few more days. But don’t wait much longer, October 23rd is the cut-off.

4 thoughts on “Proposition Overload”

  1. They aren’t written in esoteric politi-speak, they are written in legally jargon and badly at that.

    Most of the time, propositions are cobbled together from various self-interested proposals, vetted lightly by some attorney-lackey, and then stuck on the ballot by people with enormous sums of money who can qualify just about anything and then attempt to hoodwink voters into passing their pet projects.

    You should DEFINITELY vote on them. My preference: vote No on nearly everything because what started as a way to return power to the people has turned into an end-run around representative democracy serving only to weaken our legislature and saddle us with unfair, unproven, laws.

    There’s some stuff worth voting No on specifically this time, but when in doubt, you are probably doing democracy a favor if you vote no instead of allowing others to control your state for you.

  2. There are some tips for figuring out how to vote. Look at the supporters or detractors. Vote AGAINST whichever position is held by any of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Organization or any group with the words “Chamber of Commerce” in their name.

  3. I’m not a gay man, but I usually go to the Los Angeles Stonewall Democrats and take a look at their recommendations. At least I know I’m not voting conservatively when I folllow their recommendations!

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