You Should Put Something On That

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed points to an LA Weekly article about an epidemic of staph infections on skid row, with the disclaimer, “The pictures with the story are fairly disgusting.”

Of course, I took the bait. And he’s right. I’ve lost my appetite for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner).

If you don’t know about staph infection, read up.

The article says that this nasty infection is even spreading to aid workers who are having minimal contact with the currently infected homeless, and criticizes the LA Dept. of Health Services for not taking the issue seriously.

Alas, I encourage you to check out the article, if only for the pix… and then decide if we should ignore this potentially city wide epidemic as merely a skid row problem…

One thought on “You Should Put Something On That”

  1. MRSA(staph A) used to be limited to institutions like hospitals and clinics, but now it is prevalent in the community. One thing to remember is that infectious bacteria needs a portal of entry into the body. So as long as you don’t have open sores, aren’t injecting things into your body or into its orifices, you won’t be harmed by it. Just remember to wash your hands frequently when in public places and keep your open sores covered.

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