Petty Theft

My trashmonger rants got me more heat than any thing I’ve posted here before. In the comments of my original post I noted that in the past I have witnessed trashmongers flat out stealing other people’s property. The other morning, I experienced it first hand.

In my enclosed patio (which is not that far from the dumpster in the back of the building) there were several yard statues left from the previous tenant. A crumbling Buddha that couldn’t be moved lest it fall apart, a bronze looking Indian statue with a prostrate worshipper, two yard gnomes and a black bear. They were strange yard fellows but I enjoyed gazing upon them over my morning coffee. However, a few days ago, the Buddha and Indian statue vanished! Who would climb over my fence to steal these religious relics? Why did said person only take the crumbling Buddha and Indian statue? Why did they do this under darkness of night? Should I expect to get photographs of the crumbling Buddha in exotic locations? Or is it just time to string up the barbed wire?

12 thoughts on “Petty Theft”

  1. I still think you’re completely justified in your ire over the scavanging. And this latest offense sounds like your area is now becomming a text-book case of “Broken Windows” scenario in which a few petty acts open the door for a lot worse because the neighborhood appears to tolerate it.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your garden friends. It doesn’t matter what use they had – anytime something that’s yours or in your domain gets disappeared, it’s going to suck.

  2. what does this have to do with the trashmonger? did you see the trashmonger take the buddha? why so much hatred for the trashmonger?

  3. In addition to wanting to see this prostate worshipper, I’d also like to know what an Indian status is.

    I have to agree with Dannyjay–from your opening paragraph, you make it sound like you witnessed the “trashmonger” stealing these things, but later you say that you notice they were gone. Heck, maybe the previous resident came back to take their things. They were on your property, but since they were left, they weren’t really yours.

    Maybe the Buddha statue was trying to teach a lesson about not being concerned with material goods and decided to leave.

  4. “a bronze looking Indian status with a prostate worshipper”

    This doesn’t sound out of place for West Hollywood.

  5. broken windows concept = exactly my point.

    I thought about the previous occupant returning to get their left items, but they moved out more than 2 years ago. And if they did decide to come get them, why did they do this in the middle of the night? (Yes, I heard them crawling around, but didn’t realize it was a theft in progress, I thought it was the neighbor cat.)

  6. “Broken windows”? Are you guys serious? Maybe if you’d talked to the scavenger or left a note for him instead of us, your window wouldn’t have been broken in the first place. CD is justifying your anger while indicting your tolerance of the scavenging. Unless CD thinks the scavengers read blogs? Maybe they do.

    Maybe Jake will inform us of our “manufactured rage” over here, too, and ask us to change “trashmonger” to “gang bangers” again, but I continue to think you’re complaining instead of seeking a solution. Is WeHo that boring?

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