Jelly Belly Buying Ben Meyerson Candies

Jelly Belly has released word that they’re buying Ben Meyerson Candies, which is based right here in Los Angeles. Ben Meyerson is known for their Big Cherry and line of Sunkist Fruit Gems (sold at Trader Joe’s in the little tubs).

The Meyerson family has been running the company for three generations, beginning in 1937. In 1955 Ben Meyerson aquired Christopher’s candy, which was started in 1887 (one of the oldest candy bar companies in the country). I’d dig up more on them, but their website isn’t even up any longer.

The manufacturing jobs will not stay here in LA, instead they’ll be moved to Jelly Belly’s facilities in Fairfield and/or Illinois.

Link to full story.

3 thoughts on “Jelly Belly Buying Ben Meyerson Candies”

  1. Does this mean I need to start stockpiling Big Cherrys? Nothing turns my grey skies to blue like a Big Cherry.

  2. Russ – while Jelly Belly is a corporation it is still run by the same family that’s been doing it for five generations. They’re known for being a pretty decent company to work for, fair wages and all that. They use all American sugar (from beets).

    The sad thing is that all the local manufacturing is moving, so either those people who work in LA are going to be transferred (somehow I doubt that) or they’re going to be laid off.

    Michelle – I’m hoping they won’t discontinue the Big Cherry … perhaps they’ll even give it wider distribution. I don’t care for it personally, but I think it has its place in the candy racks.

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