i’ve got your funny right here, tough guy

If you want to see some funny on Saturday (before you head up to South Pasadena to crap your pants watching the midnight showing of Poltergeist, that is), I’m going to be in a show at the ACME Comedy Theater called ACME This Week. It’s a sketch comedy show, similar in format to SNL, with a celebrity host and a news segment.

This week’s celebrity host is Alex Borstein, and the news segment is written and performed by yours truly.

Because the show changes every week, the sketches are hit-and-miss (more hit than miss, but when they miss they, uh, miss) but I know that some of the stuff this week is going to absolutely kill, including some stuff I’ve written for the news.

So if you want to come see us do our thing, we’re on at 8PM on Saturday, at the ACME Comedy Theater, which is between Beverly and 1st on La Brea.