Night of the Living Dead, um, Live

dead.gif“Hey, 5G,” you ask, “What are you most excited about this Halloween season?” Well, I couldn’t be more excited about The Gangbusters Theatre Company presenting a stage adaptation of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. I can’t wait to see how they handle people eating brains and guts live on stage. Previews are October 21 and 22 and only cost $10. Regular performances start October 26 and run through December 3. The tickets will set you back $15 or $20, but that includes free beer. For those of you that failed math in high school: Free beer + Zombies = Halloween Euphoria.

One thought on “Night of the Living Dead, um, Live”

  1. Saw it…loved it!

    Faithful to the filmed script…good, taut performances.

    Sierra Fisk as Barbara, and Trent Hopkins as Harry Cooper really shine!

    Great beer, too!

    Directed by Christian Levatino.


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