Almost Discovered

So it finally happened. I got “discovered.” Well, not really, more like, I got “recruited.” I was grabbing some food at the Farmer’s Market near the Grove before catching a late night Friday movie when I was approached by a casting director. She was looking for contestants for some big name game show I had never heard of it. (I haven’t owned a TV in over 10 years.) The conversation went something like this:

Her: “Hi, I noticed your jacket and just had to come up to talk to you.”
Me, eyeing her warily: “yeah”
Her: “Do you know the writing that’s on the back of it?”
Me, continuing to eye her: “yeah” (I was wearing a leather jacket that had “Daredevil” embroidered on the back of it.)
Her: “Are you a daredevil?”
Me, continue to give her the eye: “yeah.”
Her: “Oh well, I had to ask because of your jacket.”

Then she went into a spiel about this game show and how they were looking for daring people to be contestants and was I interested. I was standing there with a tray of shawarma and really just wanted to join my friends. I extracted myself from her conversation with her card in hand, promising to consider the opportunity. A few days later, I decided it would be an experience to do what many people come to LA for: an audition.

Audition day came. The location changed at the last minute and I was met with a swarm of assistants and clipboards. I (and about 15 others in the lobby) was asked to fill out an 8 page “application” and then given a test, photographed and then put in front of a camera after waiting in a boring hall for over an hour.

I am not a camera person, and I harbor no secret desires of being in front of it, so when she put me in front of that thing, with all the lights I wanted to run screaming. No I don’t want to show you my little victory dance. I think your questions are silly and I really don’t want to be on this show. I felt like it was “poke, poke, make the monkey dance” and I definitely do not respond to that.

Anyway, as soon as it was over, I jetted out of there, thankful that I only wasted 2 hours for the possibility of 15 minutes of fame. Just let me sit in front of my computer. That’s where I’m truly happy.