A Pumpkin Patch of Posts

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/10/jack1006-thumb.jpgOnly 14 more chopping days ’til Halloween. What better time to recap some of blogging.la’s coverage of ghoulish events and news around the city of wicked angels?

pumpkinsm1.gifAn interview with ghost expert Jeff Dwyer about evil spirits and haunted restaurants in our neighborhood.

pumpsm2.gifRuth666 provides us with a citywide slate of horror films screening this month, and The Silent Movie Theatre reopens with a Halloween lineup.

pumpkinsm1.gifHeathervescent went lingerie costume shopping around Hollywood.

pumpsm2.gifZombie Apocalype will be in Venice next weekend, and invites you to share in the feeding on brains.

pumpkinsm1.gifGoth blogger Jillian lets us know about arts and crafts at Akbar called Gothtober.

pumpsm2.gifYouTubers have the candy corn scared out of them at a possessed cabin.

pumpkinsm1.gifCaryn barks about The Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade – a dog parade for people who like to humiliate their pets with costumes.

pumpsm2.gifThe rumor that Houdini’s ghost haunts some remains on Laurel Canyon is debunked.

pumpkinsm1.gifHow to play a game of poker in any cemetery, using gravestones as cards.

For an updated rundown of recent Halloween entries, just click to our constantly updated Halloween category, and some retro posts of Halloween from 2004 and 2005 highlighted after the jump… (photo by Divwerf at Flickr)

pumpsm2.gifShane Nickerson pays a visit to the legendary Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in West L.A.

pumpkinsm1.gifWill Campbell spots an eerily dead on omen for the Kerry/Edwards campaign before Halloween 2004.

pumpsm2.gifCybele takes a break from whale watching to hunt for arachnids in her backyard.

pumpkinsm1.gifCaryn suggests a frightful lineup DVDs so you can have your own Screamfest at home while carving pumpkins (this came after she and Sean had a morbid (in a bad way) time at the real Screamfest).

pumpsm2.gifKathleen McGivney writes about the ghost of Orson Welles haunting Sweet Lady Jane’s.

pumpkinsm1.gifWhile not blogging,  Lisa Beebe and Cybele took some time to carve pumpkins.

pumpsm2.gifCindy talks about her love of the annual Halloween after-party known as Dia de los Muertos.