The Little Knittery!

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Are you looking for some amazing, gorgeous, one of a kind handspun yarn?

If not, then too bad for you. If so, you need to head to The Little Knittery right away. I mean, just look at some of this:

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Although it would seem they have a sign, it’s pretty damned small and I missed the place the first time around. Just remember it’s next door to House of Pies and you should be fine.

It’s small but they have some Really Great Yarns, and Julie is super-nice. This is exactly what you want to think of when you think “local yarn store.” With so many knitting places springing up all over, it’s great to see this place singling itself out with all its gorgeous one-off skeins and hand-dyed cashmere.

Yes, I’m finally making the cashmere socks I’ve long been dreaming of – oh and yes I should mention that the left half of the store is neat and interesting clothing….

The Little Knittery
4712 Franklin Avenue
LA, CA. 90027
(on the Southwest corner of Franklin and Vermont)
tel. 323.660.0294

knittery AT thelittleknittery DOT com

Monday – Saturday 11 – 7
Sunday 11 – 5

4 thoughts on “The Little Knittery!”

  1. oh heavens. I thought the Knit Cafe was dreamy. This place looks amazing and it’s closer to me!
    Thanks, Ruth, now I have another place to blow my paycheck.

  2. i bought some soft wool yarn there and the girl who was working at the time was really nice. they really do have a very lovely selection!

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