Hit and Run in Silver Lake

A black hummer just hit my car in front of my house in Silver Lake. They hit the drivers side mirror, and front tire, breaking the axle and moving the car forward a good foot. Then they took off. I know this because we caught it on a security camera. Actually on two. My car is now undriveable. If anyone sees a black hummer in the silver lake area with damage on their front passenger side that would indicate an accident like that, I sure would appreciate you jotting down the full license plate # and where you saw the car.

followup: I should note that my street ends a block north of me, so it’s very low traffic, not a sueful cut through at all, so almost all the traffic on it are folks who live within a few blocks, or people visiting those folks. So yeah, I’m looking.

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  1. That is a super bummer. My car was totaled by a hit & run driver and it was really shocking, so I know how irritated you must be.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  2. I feel for ya. It happened to me last week in front of my home, except it didn’t fsck the axle. Plus there wasn’t any security camera, so I’ve got no clue as to who did it. Eighty five bucks for the tire, and god knows how much it’ll be for the body work.

    Good luck in getting it fixed. I hope you find the bastard! If his car has any green Taurus paint on that same front bumper, send him my way when you’re done.

  3. for fear of contributing to a witch hunt, IM me if you want the street in echo park where a black hummer regularly parks. it’s on my route home, i’ll check it in a few hours.

  4. Something very similar happened to me in San Francisco on Geary Street except that I was in the car at the time! I hope you find that ass.

  5. Good god, Sean. I’m glad you, Caryn & the dogs weren’t in the car at the time. How awful! I can’t believe people would do that.

  6. Sean:

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but pleased to learn that you were not injured.

    I could tell you how one person spent $100 on donuts and visited nearly every body shop in his community, to later be tipped “off the record” – but that would clearly be out of my realm… ;)

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  7. As a cyclist and seemingly one of the few non-truck or SUV drivers on the road today I have a major chip on my shoulder for Hummer drivers. A good lot of the ones I encounter, especially while cycling, have no clue how to drive their behemoths and I’ve had many a near miss on account of them.

    I wish you all the luck in the world catching that prick.

    Btw, the more I read from our firefighting regular the more I appreciate his presence and acknowledge his awesomeness. Thanks for contributing Brian.

  8. How Silverlake has changed.

    I remember a couple of years being at the dog park and commenting on how there weren’t any Hummers in Silverlake (I was working in West Hollywood and saw them all the time there).

    One of my friends said, “That’s not true. There’s one around the corner from my house.”

    Another friend, “The one on Ivanhoe?”

    First friend, “Yeah.”

    Yet another friend, “Oh yeah. The yellow one.”

    The point being, of course, that there was ONE Hummer, and everyone knew where it was.

    Good luck on finding your black one. I’ll keep my eyes open.

  9. thier is a black hummer on coronado terrace just north of sunset.
    it belongs to the corner house as you drive up the hill to coronado terrace and may be parked in back off the street.
    it belongs to the owner of the house.
    Heading south on sunset left at coronado st and the first right coronado terrace up the hill and you head right into the drive way
    good luck


  10. For the record:

    EVERYONE WHO DRIVES A HUMMER IS A DICK. I dare somone to prove me wrong.

    Thank you.

  11. Wow!! You seem to have quite a posse out there looking. The more eyes the better.
    Security cameras do come in handy. Too bad it’s usually because of something negative. I saw your car being loaded up on the flatbed a few minutes ago. Let Marlene and I know what “hospital” room it(the car)is in so we can send a get well card.

  12. Duuuuuude. Brian Humphrey is so on the money.

    It’s a blessing that you weren’t hurt and even more so you got the whole caught on video. I have no doubt you will catch him. And his suggestion about the donut shops and body shops rocks too.

  13. Sean, that sucks. My saab was hit and run twice on the street. The first time, the driver did a similar thing and totally broke the axel. I thought it was totalled. But it just cost my insurance the amount the car was worth to fix it.

  14. I so hope you eventually catch the driver/criminal. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for black Hummers. Keep us updated!

    We just recently watched a lady in a large SUV attempt to park in front of our place. She not only knocked down trashcans, she actually broke off a large piece of the curb because she didn’t know how to parallel park! Then she went onto let her dog crap in the yard of our neighbor, and nearly left without cleaning up (by chance, our neighbor returned at the moment she was considering escape). I try not to immediately hate on SUV drivers…but your story and my recent experience just strengthens the stereotype.

  15. My friend’s friend in houston was hit, on her bike, by a yellow hummer that ran from the scene. she was lucky to be alive, and had many many broken bones. They never did find the driver. The biking community raised money and parts to build her a new bike.

    I few months ago when turning around on a narrow street I backed in to a car, but had enough of a conscious to leave a note with my info so they wouldn’t have to pay for the damage. I would never want someone to fuck me over, so I wouldn’t do that to someone else

  16. Wow, that really sucks. My Mom visited last year. Her car was hit in my driveway. Fortunately, the girl who hit it (a neighbor) was cool enough to leave a note. And a neighbor who witnesses it left a note as well. We were pretty well covered.

  17. sorry to hear about your car, and glad to hear no one was injured…hummers are bad news…a couple of weeks ago a hummer lost its tire and crashed into the curb of our neighbor the driver fled and left the injured passenger in the car.

    if you do have the license number and have a lawyer you may be able to have your lawyer do a background check on the driver of hummer that totalled your car, and more likely than not the person who fled the scene probably has a record. i hope that justice is served in your case.

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