What You Say?

It’s that time again – We said some stuff this week, and you said some other stuff back. Here’s the most active comment threads for the week:

  1. What does that extra few bucks at Arclight get you? – Thanks to dumb movie booking policy I ended up at the grove and made a list of thing that happen there that will never happen at the Arclight. Some folks cheered, some whined, and others tried to justify people checking their voice mail during a movie.
  2. What the fuck is wrong with you? – Eecue asks, in response to a point blank shooting of a toddler. Comments quickly went political discussing why this kind of thing happens more often in Democrat voting areas, and anti-gang policy on both sides of the isle.
  3. LA Frog Hates AMC Theaters – A heated one! This was submitted by a reader, then demanded to be removed by the same reader. The comments are filled with policy, lies, and deceit!
  4. Mr. Pylon Saves the Day – Jillian loves her Pylon. But is it a Pylon or a Cone. Is having one legal or illegal. Is Mr. Pylon’s first name Monty?
  5. The Tyranny of the Beeping – The same number always calls Ben and just beeps. The comments offer suggestions of how he can end this cellular terrorism.