Newsflash : Skid Row Not Rare Coin Collector’s Paradise

So I have to admit, when I first saw this article about the LAPD finding a homeless person selling what appeared to be rare coins from previous centuries, I was secretly hoping to stroll a block from my loft and try and score some rare coinage. As it turns out, those coins were made out of steel, probably in China, and weren’t worth anything. This article recommends that you bring a magnet with you when shopping for rare coins in skid row.

2 thoughts on “Newsflash : Skid Row Not Rare Coin Collector’s Paradise”

  1. “shopping for rare coins in skid row”. Shouldn’t that tell you that they aren’t real? While you’re at it, why not pick-up a copy of The Departed on DVD.

  2. You don’t actually think that anything for sale in skid row could possibly be illicit or not as advertised do you? I’ve always thought that is was a great place to do my sunday shopping.

    Btw people don’t really sell DVDs much in skid row, they sell those in the fashion district and along Broadway. I don’t think many skid row denizens have DVD players.

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