Keep Burning Man Segregated

My wife works in fine dining at an establishment perched high atop a building in Downtown LA. She normally deals with stuffy lawyers during the lunch hour and well heeled couples for dinner. Last night she had a whole different type of patron:

I mean, it’s not something you see everyday, a rat waltzing into the bar of a high end restaurant with 3 scantly dressed martian women hanging off him, followed by 2 men in monkey suits with briefcases labeled “going places.” These briefcases btw, were filled with diapers

She was quick to mention that she has no problem with burning man and the people that it attracts, but she felt that the high dollar dining experience that people shell out their hard earned cash for was negatively affected by the intentionally shocking appearance and behavior of the Decompressers. Note that the diapers they left behind at the bar were filled with chocolate pudding.

Update: Looks like Mack Reed also went out for some good food after the Decompression, but of course he and his family were courteous, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t smack the hostess’ ass with anything.

7 thoughts on “Keep Burning Man Segregated”

  1. “Hey man, we’re just messing with the squares!”

    They should keep their rehashed adolescent hippie bullshit in the desert where it belongs. This is just assholier-than-thou behavior every bit as out of line as those redneck retards that show up at military funerals with “GOD HATES FAGS” signs.

    They’re probably all fucking rich kid trustafarians, too.

  2. Something about the “We pay to keep the riff-raff out” mentality is a little disturbing to me. However, I don’t begrudge a place the right to refuse service to people who are dressed or behaving inappropriately for the norms of that establishment either. The host/hostess or other employee should have asked them politely to leave, and they should have done so if asked.

  3. Rob, in the future if you plan on calling someone an idiot on the interwebs, you should totally double check your grammar and spelling before you post it.


  4. Yeah, I feel real sorry for a bunch of whiney-ass LA types having their overpriced dinner interrupted.

  5. It’s not paying to keep the riff-raff out, it’s paying to enjoy a nice meal in a pleasant ambiance – or at least an ambiance diners probably think will be predictable. If they’d wanted over-the-top, they’d have hit a TGIFridays or Joe’s Crab Shack.

    Violet Blue – over at MBSF – had a great post about why SF celebrates (some of SF) when the Burners hit the road for the desert. I’m one of those celebrators – mainly because of stories about crap like this.

    No, I know, shouldn’t judge the whole bunch based on a few, but, well, I think the whole thing is silly and NO ONE has the right to inflict their behavior on others – especially in a public place in this manner.

    The diners didn’t go to Burning man and insist on proper table manners or advise against drug use or trashing of natural environments, so why go after them?

  6. “Yeah, I feel real sorry for a bunch of whiney-ass LA types having their overpriced dinner interrupted.”

    Bob, it’s not a matter of privilege, it’s a matter of treating people with courtesy, the way you would want to be treated.

    Do you ever eat in restaurants? If you were having a nice quiet dinner with your S.O. and a bunch of loud, drunken yuppies came in the restaurant and made jerks of themselves, you’d probably be upset, and for good reason.

    I can almost forgive the costumes and lame attempts at situationist theater, but grabbing the hostess’ ass? C’mon, that’s fucking out of line. If you saw some lawyer or stock broker in a three-piece suit do that, you’d be pissed. Why does a hippy-dippy hipster get a pass on obnoxiousness?

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