Conoc-o-Lantern Returns


The Jack-o-Lantern in Wilmington at the ConocoPhillips’ refinery is back for the 54th year. Some may lament the loss of the 76 Balls (and the annual pumpkinizing) but this one is definitely here to stay.

ConocoPhillips extends an invitation to the community to see Smilin’ Jack and enjoy some of his delicious caramel corn on the nights of October 30 and October 31, from 6 to 9 p.m. The ConocoPhillips refinery is located at 1660 West Anaheim Street, Wilmington, CA 90744, between the Harbor Freeway and Gaffey Street.

Anyone been down to see it in person over the years?

Full story from Yahoo.

3 thoughts on “Conoc-o-Lantern Returns”

  1. my parents used to take me to see the giant oil pumpkin when i was a kid! I hadn’t thought about it in years, but I am glad to see the Petrochemical Pumpkin is still around

  2. It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

    I went every year as a kid. A bit anti-climactic, but still a fond childhood memory. You get to drive up relatively close to the tank and – at least when I was little – a man in a gorilla costume (I have no idea why he was a gorilla) tossed bags of caramel corn in the car window.

    Loved it!

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