Rainstorm and Rainbow

The first time I saw rain in L.A. was on October 16th, 2004. I’d been here for almost five months. Of course, the rain started when I was dancing at the Decompression party in the Artists’ Quadrant, and I got drenched – but it was almost surreal, to have the rain transform downtown L.A.

Today, I was just leaving work in Beverly Hills when a few drops hit the windshield. Then a few more. Then it became a flattening downpour, huge drops pelting down. The gutters filled up. Small rivers appeared at the side of the road. A corner at National and Palms was submerged. I’m always amazed at the rain here, how it comes down too fast for the streets to adjust.

And on the way home, through Mar Vista, the sun broke through. And I looked up – and there it was. An actual, honest-to-goodness rainbow. A whole one, clearly defined vivid colors, stretching over the 405 as I looked east up Venice Boulevard. I was listening to a Vivaldi piece on the USC classical station, and it was just a perfect moment.

Was it just the Westsiders who got the rain and the rainbow, or was it across the city?

5 thoughts on “Rainstorm and Rainbow”

  1. I live south of downtown (near USC) and it didn’t rain, it poured! There was also thunder and the lights in my apartment kept flickering… ended up staying in for the evening! Unfortunately did not get to witness a rainbow.

  2. I made the jaunt home from my office near Hollywood & Vine to Franklin & Vermont around 6:30pm and it was like the Rain Gods suddenly unleashed their wrath. I was in traffic on Franklin waiting to cross Normandie and thought a cat AND a dog were going to crash down on my car. And then, just as suddenly, it dissipated…

  3. Around 6:30pm Friday night, I was about to go for a swim at my local pool on the Westside near LAX, looked up nervously at the wicked orange and grey clouds, and saw two rainbows! Or maybe it was two ends of the same rainbow. The surreality of swimming outdoors on a mid-October evening, those crazy sunset clouds, and the rainbow(s) was really too much! I luckily missed the rain until my commute home that night.

  4. I love how in LA it the weather forecast will show rain for the next 2 days and what ends up happening is that we get a down pour for like 30 minutes…a lighting rod or two and maybe some thunder…then it’s like the sky…like so many people in LA, thinks, “I am so over rain” and it dissappears. Too bad I decided to park my car 2 blocks down the street from my roommates job in Hollywood and had to walk to my car during the down pour…sure the trees gave me some protection from the rain as I walked back…however bugs have the same theory, except instead of seeking trees as protection they use humans instead…except we humans don’t notice these bugs until we are say…in an enclosed car. There you are driving home…when suddenly you hear your roommate yell “what was that…AHHH!” and then you hear the sound of a flick….only to notice that whatever she flicked was on your knee right now and that you were driving so you really couldnt look down to see what the hell is crawling on you now. “There was a bee on my neck” says the roomie. “Oh shit” I think as I peek down and notice the bee on my knee. Thankfully, the bee sting could only be moderatly felt through my rain soaked jeans…I pull over, open the door, flick the now deceased bee onto the rain soaked ground, and drive off… I dislike rain…summer is really gone *sigh*

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