LA Decom

Lots of other publications have talked about the upcoming Burning Man LA Decompression tomorrow. The whole concept is supposed to be like, get your Burning Man fix without going to the desert – or something like that. I’ve never actually attended a Decom; I’ve been too afraid I’d want to wield my flamethrower and toast the crowd (I don’t do well in a crowd), but they don’t allow flamethrowers. However I will be at Decom tomorrow, because it’s shaping up to be a different kind of year. Why? How? I can’t exactly tell you, or I’d have to kill you. But I will be wearing zombie make-up. Just suggesting…

One thought on “LA Decom”

  1. Don’t be so coy, girl! The Hollaback zombies are on the main stage at 6:30, right after the fashion show. This promises to be our second performance yet! hehehe. the threatened rain should be done by then, but even if it’s not, wet zombie cheerleaders are still sexy.

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