Farmer’s Market In Echo Park

Carrot Cutting Ceremony At The New Echo Park Farmer's MarketThe much anticipated Echo Park Farmer’s Market happened this afternoon, and I would say that it was a success. The variety of produce, cheese, breads and tamales was just right and certainly a fine start to what I can only hope will be a lasting tradition.

I ran into a ton of people there, and met a bunch of new neighbors as well as seeing the key neighborhood fixtures like Eric Garcetti. What I really like about this local market is that it is walking distance, and that it does serve as a new sort of “locus” for people in the neighborhood to meet each other on a casual basis.

Mary Ann and I came out of there with like six bags of goods: juice oranges, cheese, honey, bread, spinach, fuji apples, and lots of other vegetables.

It is my new weekly thing.

One thought on “Farmer’s Market In Echo Park”

  1. I just got back from there. Great vibe. Scored some nice plums, bunches of Italian and Japanese dandelion greens (pretty hard to find around these here parts) for a buck each and a nice bouquet des fleurs for $6. I love that it’s on a Friday later in the afternoon.

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