Costumes, Bloods and Boots, oh my!

fangs.jpgI just got back from a quick run up to Hollywood Blvd where the shops are in full Halloween mode. There is your standard Hollywood Toy and Costume which has a great selection of Halloween costumes of all kinds, but also make-up (I was picking up more zombie cheerleader make-up for this weekend) fake fangs, fog machines and more.

The stripper stores clustered around Hollywood and Schrader are good places if you’re female (or want to be one for Halloween). My favorite place, Bizzy B’s of Hollywood (there’s also one in Santa Monica) had an amazing selection of women’s costumes. They’re just as dazzling and not quite as expensive as custom made ones from Trashy, a 10 minute drive west.

If sexy is not your thing, a short walk west takes you to The Supply Sergeant. A few blocks south on Melrose you can hit up Aaardvark’s Odd Ark (also in Venice across from Mao’s Kitchen) where you can certainly get your hippy strangeness on. You never know what you’ll find when you step into that store.

Regardless of your trick or treat desire to be different, you’ll be sure to find it in Hollywood.

* photo by McBeth via Flickr

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  1. Yes…I’ve explored the shops there too and I found plenty of variety there. All sorts of halloween costumes and items are available there. I Like shopping there.

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