Breathe a Little Deeper, LA

Yeah, we’ve got bad air, but we do have the largest fleet of cleaner air buses in the country.

And it’s about to get just a little better … the new diesel fuel is coming! Starting this weekend cleaner diesel will be available across the country.

Yeah, it may not sound that sexy, but it will mean a HUGE reduction in the amount of sulfur coming from the back of those stinky trucks. From 500 parts per million to only 15 ppm!

Found via Treehugger.

4 thoughts on “Breathe a Little Deeper, LA”

  1. I’m a little confused. Is the new diesel (costing an extra nickle per gallon) oing to replace the old stuff, or is it just going to be an option available to the vast number of truckers who think that they should personally take on the financial burden of cleaning our air?

  2. AP, I’m just guessing here, but since I haven’t seen any new pumps being installed I think this won’t be an option.

    An extra nickel a gallon? Not bad, considering the recent drop in gas prices. Just a bummer this is hitting the blue collar workers and not across the board.

    I’m actually driving a diesel fueled cube truck from LA to San Fran next week, so I’ll actually get to experience this new fuel first hand.

  3. “the largest fleet of cleaner air buses in the country.”

    See, this statistic bugs me big time. It’s a great, and factually honest, marketing phrase, but it’s not due to any virtue on our part: We just happen to have a crap load of buses (which happen to be ‘clean air’).

    It’s not as if Grand Junction, CO (for example) could ever match us in numbers.

  4. AP – the NYTimes article implies that it replaces the current fuel. They said 3-5 cents more per gallon. Considering that the end user doesn’t have to do a thing except refuel as usual to reduce sulphur and particulates, it’s probably worth it. (A much more elegant solution to the unleaded fuel not working in “leaded engines”.)

    Russ – yeah, well I think that’s the only thing we have to brag about with the MTA so let them have their day in the sun.

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