The Prop 89 juggernaut is nigh unstoppable

prop89.jpgQ: What could possibly be better than a webroots rap video supporting Poposition 89?

A: A man dressed in a Batman suit crashing the filming of said rap video.

Here’s the video, and thanks to the Claremont Institute for directing our attention to the 2:16, 2:40, 2:54, and 3:19 marks. And thanks to Tom for the tip!

5 thoughts on “The Prop 89 juggernaut is nigh unstoppable”

  1. Mental note: Watch video as soon as I get home.

    Batman’s doing his well-known brooding looking in that shot there. Very cool. And it is difficult to argue against the caped crusader.

  2. I’m quite impressed actually, with this.

    The singer and lyrics are solid and the art of rapping about current local injustice is quite cool. Beats the hell out of listening to fake thugs rap about Cristal in the clubs, for sure.

    The woman who performed, wrote, and produced the effort is to be commended.

  3. I’m not sure if I either can or cannot believe Sean linked to something over at the Claremont Institute. ;)

    As a related, but admittedly tangential comment to this post: don’t vote for this turkey. It’s a cobbled together faux reform that would likely fail judicial review and will just result in one moneybags mcgee replacing another. And trust me, as soon as (if) CNA gets the kind of bucks the other big unions have, they’ll be regretting their backing of this bad ballot measure.

    Don’t be fooled. The only clean up to which this thing leads is by the lawyers and consultants who will charge to help interpret it.

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