Cory Lidle, NY Yankees Pitcher, 1972 – 2006

(Cory Lidle (right) with baseball writer Randy Miller over Clearwater, Fla. Credit:

Hollywood, CA born Cory Lidle was killed on board the small airplane that crashed into a New York City highrise earlier today, resulting on four fatalities according to the New York Coroner’s office.

Lidle, along with the rest of his team, had recently “cleaned out his locker” after Saturday’s third loss against the Detroit Tigers in the post-season MLB playoffs.

Lidle’s plane, a 2002 Cirrus SR20 Fixed Wing/Single Engine aircraft, was registered to his address in Lakeland, FL. The Cirrus SR20 is considered a very safe small aircraft, featuring an emergency chute that can be deployed by the pilot in mayday situations. While inital reports are that Lidle may have issued a “mayday” call, and had been flying irregularly, it i unknown if he had attempted to utilize the chute prior to the crash.

Lidle was born in Hollywood on March 22, 1972, and went on to play baseball at South Hills High School in West Covina along with fellow Yankees Jason Giambi and Aaron Small. (source: Wikipedia)

Lidle was traded to the Yankees from the Philadelphia Phillies last July. Former teammate Arthur Rhodes previously complained of him, “The only thing Cory Lidle wants to do is fly around in his airplane and gamble.” (source: Wikipedia)

Lidle is survived by his son Christopher and wife Melanie.

7 thoughts on “Cory Lidle, NY Yankees Pitcher, 1972 – 2006”

  1. I’m sure it’s just a technicality, but I just heard on the radio that they’re not confirming that they’ve idenitified his body yet.

  2. The Yankees have comfirmed it, apparently.

    But here’s the bigger question: WTF!?!?!?!?! Why would anyone do aerobatics on the Upper West Side around those buildings!?!?!?!?!

    Where the hell was air traffic control?


  3. I don’t think air traffic control is responsible for most small aircraft. I am pretty sure, as well, that many small craft air fields aren’t required to have ATC towers or controllers present.

  4. Both reports of a plane in distress and a plane doing acrobatics have been reported. There are also on again, off again reports that there was an instructor on board.

    Before anyone rushes to conclude that Lidle was being reckless they should wait for more info to come forward.

  5. The plane flew out of Teterboro, NJ, I believe, according to a news report. I used to fly in and out of there weekly on a 50-passenger corporate shuttle. You’d have to let air traffic control know where you are, not just local traffic. And Newark is very close — not unlike Van Nuys and LAX.

    You’d also have to aim at the city to get there. It’s not a takeoff from Teterboro, then can’t get past the city kind of thing.

    There apparently was an instructor on board.

    It’s an aerobatic plane. That’s what it’s for. There were indeed reports of aerobatic flying before the plane got in trouble.

    I wasn’t saying that there wasn’t a problem with the plane. There obviously was. But it’ll be interesting to find WTH they were doing that close to those buildings.

  6. Sounds from the latest reports like maybe they were flying up the river, which is a normal route for sightseeing, but came out of a cloud bank into the building. Unfortunately, he wasn’t instrument rated.

    This thing is just sad.

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