Surreal Awakening

Saturday afternoon I had gathered my posse of zombies to practice for the evening event. No, it wasn’t for the Zombie walk, which I was bummed to miss; it was for my first performance on stage in about 20 years. Some friends had convinced me to realize my idea to do a lip-synch routine to my favorite mashup – Hollaback Thriller Girl.

I wrangled four of my friends to join me. We had a month to put something together and practice, but this became a problem as at least three of my four accomplices were out of town much of that time. Finally on Saturday, 12 hours before showtime, we collected ourselves and costume pieces.

My back parking area is about the size as the stage, so we decided to practice there. It’s an open area between several buildings and two balconies open onto it. One of the balconies is closed up tight, while the other one often often has its french doors open, gauzy curtains flowing in the breeze. It was no different that afternoon.

Soon after Noon we started practicing. We played that three minute song over and over, practicing and honing various movements. About an hour of the repeating song, my neighbor poked her head out and said “I just had to see if I was dreaming this or it was for real.” I can imagine her surprise when she looked down on the five of us, dressed in black and yellow cheerleader costumes dancing to something that was part between classic Thriller and pop-Stefani.

I was happy to provide her with a typical Hollywood story. If you’re interested in the outcome, go here.

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