Sheriff Baca says Mexican Government “Dumping” it’s citizens on the US

The folks over at the Full Disclosure Network just released a 10 minute video blog interview with Sheriff Lee Baca discussing jails, open borders, the Mexican mafia & gangs. In the interview he says the Mexican government is dumping it’s citizens on the US. From their site, here are some of the other points he talks about in the interview:

1. The overcrowding of jails and resulting riots and disturbances

2. The fallacies of an “Open Border” policy.

3. How illegal immigration is overwhelming the resources of Los Angeles.

4. How the government of Mexico and other Latin American countries are irresponsibly dumping their desperate citizens on the United States.

5. The influence of the Mexican Mafia and gangs on local politics and city governments within Los Angeles.

6. The reported conflict regarding the FAA and the unauthorized flight of the Sheriff’s spy plane “Sky Seer”

7. The LA County Board of Supervisors conflict regarding the level of coverage in unincorporated areas vs contract cities

8. Recruiting new Deputies of diverse backgrounds and the lowering of hiring standards to accommodate females and minorities.

Link to the video blog interview is here.

2 thoughts on “Sheriff Baca says Mexican Government “Dumping” it’s citizens on the US”

  1. It seems most of the problems are with local, state and federal government problems, on this side of the border.

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