Halloween Flashback!

Last year I recruited AJ Gentile to help me put together a last minute video submission for Group 101 Films (my deadline was Sunday, we shot on Saturday). With barely an idea when the shoot day began, it turned out that AJ knew as much about hauntings in Hollywood as I did, and so we put together a quick video teaser for a non-existant show called City of Demons. (One brief segment has an employee at Panpipes describing a possible demonic possession in Silverlake)

While you can watch the final video for that here, I’m also saddened to say I’m prouder of what I put together with some B roll we shot more for shits and giggles.

While on Hollywood Blvd. a street performer kept nagging us to let him rap on camera. We finally agreed with the condition that his freestyle rhyme had to be about the supernatural.

The resulting video contains adult language… for one, the rapper refers to himself as “The Black Brad Pitt”. Secondly, he could only think of one word that rhymes with “demon”. Use your imagination, or watch the video to learn what this was…

PS: Speaking of AJ Gentile, after becoming a hotshot pimp producer for Playboy radio he hasn’t been blogging as much, but everything he has written is a gem. Sometimes offensive, regularly un-p.c., but always a gem. Case in point: his most recent entry begins, “I’m sitting in Starbucks this morning and I’m surrounded by lesbians… And not in a good way.” Read the whole thing here.

post updated 10/10/06 3:30pm