Trashmonger Update

I got a lot of heat when I posted my candid thoughts on the person who digs through my trash last week. Today, I almost had a literal run in with one of trashmonger’s friends. I’m sure you have all seen the shopping carts packed full with bags of recyclables.

I was sitting in my car, patiently waiting (and thinking of my trashmonger post) to let shopping cart recycler go by, when it started veering straight into my car. I gave him a small little toot on the horn, to let whomever was “driving” know s/he was about to run into my car, but the shopping cart didn’t stop. I couldn’t see the “driver” because the shopping cart had stuffed black garbage bags piled and strapped to all sides.

I wanted to give the person enough time to correct the direction error, but the cart was not stopping nor changing direction. So I laid on the horn and apparently that was enough to stop the impact. The guy was nice and apologetic enough, but still…. what if I hadn’t been there and my car had been smashed into? (I can here it in the comments now, how lucky I would have been to have the impact buffered by the recyclables…)

4 thoughts on “Trashmonger Update”

  1. Thank you for writing about me again. I thought my 15 minutes of fame was up. All the cool homeless now show me more respect, so I get a larger portion of hobo stew at night. Please keep writing about your trivialities involving me!

  2. You should TOTALLY have a bunch of people dress up as HOMELESS SHOPING CART PUSHERS for the next Streetwars. Then you can SHOOT at them! Hahaha! That would be so funny. Better yet, just fill your watergun with pee, and shoot at real homeless people! Hahahahaha! Oh man that would be great. You’d really get those f#&ker’s back for all the grief that they’ve caused you with their lame-ass shopping carts and digging through your garbage and stuff. Yeah! Shoot them with PEE! Hahaha.

  3. Yeah, Doc! Because all of us have to feel guilty and responsible for people that smash our cars, throw our trash around and generally make our lives more difficult. Because it’s OUR fault! Thank you for explaining that to me. Why don’t you get your fucking bleeding heart over to Heather’s and clean up the mess then, asshole?

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