The Tyranny of the Beeping.

Sometime last year I began to receive phone calls on my cell. I’d answer the calls and I’ll I’d hear is an odd beeping noise. Eventualy, I started calling the number back to try to get it to stop and got an automated message from a bank in Orange County. One of the options on the automated message was to leave a message to be removed from their fax list, apparently something that happens regularly enough to get a prompt on their answering machine. I left some rather stern messages (they required an account # to remove you from their fax list. “Account #?! I don’t even have a fax machine! You’re calling my cell phone! Stop!” etc.) and the beeping subsided. Until last month. The beeping began again, but this time in earnest. We’re talking like 6 or 7 calls in a row. Instead of getting an Orange County bank when I dialed back the number, this time I got “this number has been disconnected.” After frantic googling all I could determine was that the beeping came from the OC. Then I didn’t hear from the beeping for a while. Not for a while, that is until I awoke at 4:30 this morning to my blaring cell phone. “Agh! The BEEPING!” I groaned as I awoke and saw the caller ID, silencing the phone not quite quickly enough. I’ll put up with a lot of annoyances but if you ring my exceptionally loud phone in my precious few hours of Monday morning sleep you may as well be smacking me in the face. Beeping, calling me at 4:30 in the morning was the last straw. I’m coming for you!

This number clearly isn’t disconnected as it keeps calling me! What can I do? Tell me loyal (and exceptionally smart) Blogging.LA readers. Help me. The evil number is (949) 486-0197. So far, I haven’t come up with much via creative Googling, but I have faith that perhaps someone has a good idea or would be willing to go smash some fax machines in the OC. Help end the tyranny of the beeping!

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  1. Not sure what to do about the source of the problem, but dude, TURN YOUR RINGER OFF!! Especially at night, NO CALL is that important that you can’t get the message in the morning.

  2. I had a problem with someone (I think I even blogged about it here) making collect calls to me in the middle of the night. I called the phone company and they said there was nothing they could do.

    The only thing I can think of is to put the phone number in there with a “special” ringtone (maybe no ring tone!) so that at least you can ignore it.

    It can’t hurt to call the phone company to report that number for harassement.

  3. I used to have that happen. Likely they’ll continue to do so until they’ve successfully faxed something over or until they remove you from their calling list, depending on what their intent is. To find out the contents of the fax, set your cell phone to have fax calls redirect to a personal fax line. From there, there should be some information on how to remove yourself from the calling list or some contact information. Since it’s coming from within CA (versus Canada like many junk faxers have been doing), you should be able to get it to stop. For me, it turned out to be some medical center that was faxing test results to the wrong #.
    PS, Mr Gonzales, your biopsy results came back negative.

  4. From the links I added, these guys have millions in judgements against them and have shown no signs of quitting.

    The concerning part is that they previously asked for you to give your bank acct. # – was this the same phone numbers, or a different one? Thats the stuff that raises the bar from harrassment to possible identity fraud.

  5. Does your phone allow you to set up a personal ringtone for specified phone numbers? If so, set it up with a silent (no vibrate either) ring tone.

    Then you can leave your phone turned on for other calls or alarms.

  6. OMG the same exact thing is happening to me! I went to google to find the number and I found this page- WTH? thats so weak! man they called at 3:47- and i called back and it says the # is disc!

  7. it’s 2:45am and now I’m totally freaked and sooo tired. I too got a beep but instead of calling back I looked up here…I thought maybe it’s someone I know who accidentially hit ann autodial? But it says RMG Communications. So I’m exhausted and scared someone’s checking to see if i’m home? WTF???

  8. also 9494860197 is Mpower Communications in Irvine, CA

    (949) 486-0197 is a land line based in Irvine, CA
    The registered service provider is Mpower Communications Corp**.
    Detailed listing information is not available.

    got into on reverse lookup.

  9. called m power, spoke to legal dept. told them they are working on getting RMG off they’re system, rmg is the customer. She has another number to contact them and is well aware of them and problem. She’s getting my number off!

    You need to call Mpower and asked for Elaine in legal
    Residential Customers: 877-799-0033

  10. I have been getting these same calls at random times in the middle of the night for the last week. Some have been from the 949 486-0197 # and some from 949 486-0219. I called the Mpower # and tried to speak to Elaine in legal but was only able to leave a message. We’ll see what happens. I am VERY tired of middle of the night calls!

    I tried hooking up a fax machine last night but no valid printing was on the page when I looked at it. Just a few ink marks, so I don’t know what to think about this.

  11. Hi RH et al,

    So it happened again to me and I need rest due to upcoming cancer surgery so these calls are keeping me up and I have to keep ringer on.

    I spoke to Elaine again then she put on Cerise, the h.ead of the legal dept…they are well aware of this but can’t do anything yet except take your number and let them know (they have actual biz #) and it takes 48hrs…but I’m afraid to even try to go to sleep tonight! She also said it’s NOT an incoming fax, it’s an autodialer and sometimes they don’t connect to phone number…however, over the last couple weeks, it’s only been the beeping, not an actual telemarketer and that’s the problem.

    I then spoke to the FCC to file a complaint..well, no go…you can only do that when you actually get a person bothering you..she said call my phone provider….I did. Called Verizon legal who was totally aware of problem with both numbers…also happened a few yrs. ago under another company name and # and it’s hitting mainly 818 numbers, and la numbers.

    I just can’t understand a telemarketing company, even a bad on, who doesn’t at least try to steal or sell something..not just beep! Anyway, the FCC cannot do a thin and Verizon cannot either!!!!! Call Block is no longer available nor allowed in California..don’t know why, maybe the Govenator stopped it?! Also, even if they could block, they never could block numbers outside of our area code…how stupid is that!

    So we’re prisoners of MPower who is “working on it”. Even Verizon knew immediately what the number was and RMG Communications and when called they tell their clients to…..
    call the Mpower legal dept….sounds like Alice in Screwed up land! I’m so pissed and tired! Hope this stops but everyone, call the FCC, call Verizon or your provider and bug them, even if they cannot do a thing and mostly, CALL Mpower!!!! leave lots of msgs…bug them…maybe they’ll finally pull the number or get the legal ability to do so.

    please everyone, be proactive and keep their phones busy so they’ll take us seriously..even the police said they’re nothing they can do even though it’s harrassment.

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