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More fun with Google Maps! Jargol is using these maps to make “A map of the coolest independent shops” and now have a Los Angeles focused version. My initial reaction was that this seemed pretty cool. You can search by area of town, or by descriptive tag such as “Midcentury Modern” or “T-shirts” or “Women’s Shoes” to find exactly the kind of store you are looking for. Unfortunately that initial reaction crumbled a bit when I found that you can only search area OR type of store, not both, which is kind of a pian. The other initial bummer (which might just be due to the newness of it) was that it seemed to be the same handfull of stores turning up for everything I was looking for. I’m assuming it’s new since I haven’t seen it but the site says it launched in January 2005 – they have a ton of cities so it’s possible they just reached LA and as people add listings the maps will get better. Definitely cool for a quick overview of where things are, however chances are you aren’t going to find any surprises there at this point. [Thanks Ara Anjargolian!]

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  1. To answer a few questions in the post:
    We’re actually based in LA but have neglected it somewhat trying to expand to other cities. The number of LA stores should roughly double by the end of the year, we’re working on filling in some holes in our existing neighborhoods and covering West LA/Santa Monica/Venice much better. Suggestions for stores are always welcome!

    If searching by neighborhood AND type is something people want, we can certainly do it, look out for it in the next few weeks.

    And yes we did launch in January 2005 but just forgot to tell anyone about it!

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