Hello New Jersey!

I’m spending my morning blowing off endless hours of work by getting caught up with From Norwood to Hollywood, a blog by New Jersey transplant Colleen Bramal. Mostly “only in L.A.”, East Coaster culture clash type stuff.

For example, it appears her and friends don’t understand that us Angelenos welcome homeless people to break into and sleep in our cars, especially if they’re parked somewhere along Las Palmas in Hollywood. From a letter she posted:

I wanted to go get my haircut today so I went over to where I park my car on Las Palmas. I arrived at the lot and immediately observed that the belongings strewn across the concrete were in fact MY belongings that had been sitting on the passenger’s seat when I parked my car the night before. As I got closer, I also realized that my passenger seat was in the fully reclined position. The trifecta, however, came when I opened the car door. Judging from the vile stench that greeted me, it became clear that a homeless person had spent the night in my car. I was none too pleased, so I walked over to the parking attendant to explain to him why I was upset…

The story ends with the guy threatening the parking lot attendant and being banned from using the lot again, because clearly letting your car be used as temporary housing is a previlige and not a right.

On another note, Colleen also has some pics up of a new breed of human known as “Claymates” – a self referential term for Clay Aiken groupies. Creepy, yet simple… could make for a great Halloween costume…

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