Beastly Bombing = The Bomb!

beastly.jpgIf I see a lot more theater than I end up recommending, that probably goes triple for musicals, which are notoriously tricky things to pull off.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to be able to jump and down out loud about The Beastly Bombing, the delightful, hilarious and razor-sharp theatrical work of genius by Julien Nitzberg (libretto & direction) and Roger Neill (composer & musical direction) that’s back at CFI West‘s beautiful The Steve Allen Theater through November 18th.

Without getting too much into plot, The Beastly Bombing involves two separate terrorist teams, a power-mad president, his two drug-addled daughters and a plan to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. Hilarity pretty much ensues from the get-go, but smart hilarity, in a madcap, Gilbert-and-Sullivan-esque romp that has more smart things to say about 9/11 than a phalanx of self-important political bloggers.

The WEEKLY loved it. (They’re preparing an article on it for the next issue.) Stephen Schwartz hated it.

That last should be reason enough to hightail it over.

The Beastly Bombing
by Roger Neill and Julien Nitzberg
at The Steve Allen Theater (thru 11/18)
Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, $20
Tickets via the theater’s site or call 800-595-4TIX

2 thoughts on “Beastly Bombing = The Bomb!”

  1. Hmmm…let’s see: clever; well-structured; well-acted; thoughtfully produced. Regardless of how you meshed with the politics, The Beastly Bombing is hardly what I’d call typical.

    And I doubt anyone would go to all the pain and trouble and expense of writing and mounting a full-on musical to “make a joke” out of something. To the contrary–that’s about as thoughtful as you can get.

    Also, to correct one small item in your review and the above comment, Julien, while a full-fledged member of the tribe, is neither self-loathing nor smug. He’s passionately involved in creating discussion, and a proud American. Just like me and lots of other progressive liberals.

    I do congratulate you on attending the show, especially since you suspected you wouldn’t like it. That whole disagree/defend thing, you know…

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