What You Say?

Here we go again – this weeks most active comment threads:

  • No Free Rocket Rides at The New Griffith Observatory – The Observatory is reopening and there are some questionable fees involved with it. The comments are full of people discussing the details and speculating how it will go over.
  • Dear Neighborhood Trashmonger – Someone has been digging through Heathervescent’s trash and leaving it all over her driveway, on a regular basis. She vents, and the comments turn into a thread about if she’s insensitive to the plights of the less fortunate for complaining about this kind of thing.
  • Warning: Obnoxious restaurant opening soon – This annoying gimicky raw food place from San Francisco is opening a location here in LA. Angelenos brace for the impact. I am disgusted, indeed.
  • Does this mean I have two dogs? – A Coyote has moved into Cybele’s backyard. What to do? Lots of suggestions in the comments including something about a BEEP BEEP and a steamroller.
  • And away we go….! – Dodgers vs. Mets. Jay starts the smacktalk and the commentors return the favor.

Of course if you don’t want to be limited to Los Angeles, feel free to check out some of the most active discussions on the entire Metroblogging network. And as a bonus just for today, it seems the #1 most e-mailed post on the network is Markland’s post about a Naked man running through Starbucks, eating pastries, and getting shot by rubber bullets. Clearly that is a story everyone needs to know about.