LA Frog Hates AMC Theaters

There has really been no shortage of posts here proclaiming our love for Arclight Cinemas but it’s not just because of the fantastic movie watching experience they provide, but also how crappy every other theater is. LA Frog has had enough and just wrote this letter to the CEO of AMC, after several frustrating experiences at AMC theaters, specifically Lowes Broadway 4 in Santa Monica. Frog writes:

Dear Mr. Brown,

The corporate blah blah on your website belies the average customer experience in your movie theaters. It’s not the first time we have a problem with one of your theaters. But it’s certainly the last time we set foot in one of them. Case in point: – Last Monday 10/02/06, we went to your Loews Broadway 4, Santa Monica, CA 90401 theater, to see the movie Black Dahlia. There was a problem with your equipment (several black vertical lines on the screen), so we got out, and asked the manager for a refund. He was aware of the problem, refunded us, and said that it would be fixed by Thu 10/05. – On Fri 10/06, we called the theater, and asked whether the problem had been fixed. The manager confirmed that it had. When we got there, the movie had moved rooms, but the problem remained. This for a movie whose strongest point is arguably its photography. This being Los Angeles, one would think your company would understand that there are a few movie specialists in town. Who do you think you’re kidding? Not us anymore, that’s for sure. And we will make it known in the industry, and on the web. Your lack of professionalism is unacceptable, as it shows total disregard for the movie business.

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  1. I’ve generally had pretty good experiences with AMC theatres, although I’ve not been to the Broadway in recent memory. The Century City theatre has been my default theatre for quite a while and the closest thing I’ve had to bad experiences there have been being unable to get a decent seat for big-selling shows. The other AMC theatre in Santa Monica has been at least adequate and has going for it a traditional theatre layout as opposed to the nasty stadium-style seating which is de rigeur in just about all new construction.

  2. AMC as a chain is pretty inconsistent. Some decent theatres with nice seats, friendly staff, etc., but there are too many that plain SUCK to make the AMC name stand for anything.
    When Revenge of the Sith came out, I booked midnight tickets at the Downtown Disney location since I’d missed getting them at the Arclight.
    One would assume that a theatre at Downtown Disney would ROCK.
    Unfortunately, picture quality sucked, and even worse was the sound – very quiet, and poorly balanced. After waiting hours to get in, the disappointment was pretty big. I’ll never spend a cent at that particular theatre again.

  3. I feel sorry for the people on the west side. I can’t go to movies anywhere but the ArcLight anymore (with the occasional exception of the Vista and even very occasionally the Laemmle pasadena). The waits for tickets, the scramble to find a seat. I hate it. I can’t believe they havent opened an Arclight in Santa Monica or westwood or whatever.

  4. That Mr. Bonner states that I hate AMC is only his own interpretation, NOT our personal opinion. We’ve had an unfortunate experience with AMC, and don’t intend to visit their theaters any time soon. But this in no way means that we hate them. I’ve actually asked Mr Bonner to delete this post, but he pretends that he can’t.

  5. That’s not entirely accurate – You sent in the above story and put your name in the optional “who to credit” line so I posted it and credited you. Then you e-mailed me asking me to remove your name from the post. I told you that the post was already live and I wasn’t going to remove it after the fact, besides what good is an open leter if you don’t know who wrote it. Then you told me to just remove the whole post. For the same reason I wouldn’t remove your name I won’t remove the post – I’m not pretending I can’t, it’s our policy not to. If you didn’t want this published, you shouldn’t have sent it in to us using the ‘submit a story’ form.

  6. I’m now intrigued.
    With all due respect, LA Frog, your post/gripe seems pretty harmless and as a consumer complaint, pretty specific. Why the need to back away from it?

  7. I should also point out that the above comment by LA Frog is the first time there was any mention of the word “hate” being an issue – in the several e-mails exchanged today the issue was having her name attached to the letter she wrote. If my title was the issue I would have happily pointed out that that was my take on the situation, the letter she wrote speaks for itself.

  8. Worth ponting out too: Mr. Bonner refused to delete my # from his post, and he refused to delete the post altogether, pretexting that once the post is up, it can’t be deleted. Which is freaking B.S.

    And for the record: I only mentioned my experience with AMC as frustrating CRM in movieland Blooging L.A. might use, not as a hate post. If Mr Bonner perceived it as hate, that’s his problem, not my opinion.

    I obviously misunderstood Metroblogging L.A.’s posting ethics. My mistake, and my lesson. Learned. For good.

  9. Hate’s a strong word, but LA Frog’s words seem to indicate a strong distaste for Loews Cinemas:

    “Who do you think you’re kidding? Not us anymore, that’s for sure. And we will make it known in the industry, and on the web. Your lack of professionalism is unacceptable, as it shows total disregard for the movie business.”

    And to backup Sean here, I don’t know any publishing medium that would post an item and then remove it without serious cause or reason. That isn’t BS, that’s integrity.

  10. Here’s the Actual submission sent in by LA Frog. The personal note at the end reading “We think this story needs to be told widely because AMC SUCKS!!!” I think certainly jusitifes my title, and I’m also rather turned off not just the 180 and the demands that I pull the post, but also the assumption that there would be nothing wrong with that. Markland is right – We’re standing by what we publish to make the point that we would never publish something we didn’t stand behind. It’s a shame LA Frog doesn’t have those same standards.

  11. That’s it! I’m writing a letter to the AMC CEO telling him that given L.A. Frog’s marked demonstration of such a lack of professionalism he should disregard whatever’s been said about his.

  12. You went to the Broadway cinema on the promenade? I haven’t stepped foot in there since 95. Those are the worst auditoriums on 3rd street. The other auditoriums on the Prom are barely tolerable. I rarely go to the movies anymore, but if I do I will only attend: The Bridge Imax, The Village westwood, The Bruin westwood, The Aero, The Monica Laemmle, The Laemmle Royal, The Nuart, or the Arclight. Check if your uncertain.

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