Cache As Cache Can (Updated)


I’m a fan of the public works around my neighborhood by the spraytist who goes by the nom du Krylon of Cache — and here’s why: he brings bright to blight. Not only that but his amusing and imaginative art has something of a charmed existence or respect that allows it to mostly avoid getting covered up in gang tags. And when they do get marked up, he’s usually out there ASAP cleaning them up himself.

If you’re not from around these here parts you might not be familiar with his surreal super chickens that can be found in Echo Park on Sunset Boulevard east of Coronado and on Glendale Boulevard across from the lake. He used to have a great one on the stucco wall of Mikron Liquor on Silver Lake Boulevard north of Bellevue but that one’s now underneath another’s work.

So while walking the dogs just as a surprise rainshower started coming down this late afternoon, I was thrilled to find Cache himself in the midst of getting his latest creation up on the WPA-built wall on the south side of Sunset just west of Benton Way — and it’s bike related no less. Taking the dogs home I came back with my camera and asked if I could snap some while he worked and he was kind enough to let me.

They’re here in a photoset on Flickr.

UPDATE (10.09): Passing by it with the dogs way early this morning I found it titled “Ride Forever,” and beneath his signature reads “Dedicated to all fallen riders.”

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