A Haunted Cabin in LA?

YouTube user ghostHUNTER23 posted two of four promised ” amatuer documentary on haunted spots in Los Angeles” and then disappeared. Part two has the pair, who are only referred to as “Kyle and I”, sneaking onto the soundstage of “The Ghost Whisperer” and ends with the lights going out. Since they were able to post the video one can only assume they survived.

Anyway, part one is the eerier one. Kyle and ghostHUNTER23 go for a night hike to a remote, old summer camp cabin somewhere in Los Angeles. The location is familiar, so I encourage our readers to take a peek and let me know where this is…

4 thoughts on “A Haunted Cabin in LA?”

  1. Can’t say I recognize the building specifically, but one of the guys references something about going to summer camp when he was a kid in L.A. so I’d guess it’s in Griffith Park somewhere around the boys camp area.

  2. I’m not sure where that particular cabin is but there are quite a few places like that in the San Gabriel Mountains with associated ghost stories.

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