Vertically Challenged: The Aftermath

A couple days ago, I waxed a bit dubiously about my participation in this morning’s Stairclimb To The Top of the U.S. Bank tower and blindly guesstimated my ascent of the building’s 75 floors would take somewhere around 30 minutes. Below is a six-minute condensed and veryshaky-cam version of the journey and I’m proud and surprised to report that my traversal of the tallest skyscraper west of Chicago was completed in a spiff 16:48. Personal achievement aside it was its own special kind of dizzying, stuffy and claustrophobic hell — especially from the 45th floor and up.

A buncha stills from before during and after the risecan be found on this Flickr photo set.

5 thoughts on “Vertically Challenged: The Aftermath”

  1. First, an awesome feet, I mean feat!! Very admirable.

    Second, I’m sorry, but I could only watch about 45 seconds of your film. That was waaaaaay too dizzying!! I have to go lie down now.

    Third, really, that is amazing. I couldn’t have done it at all, let alone a half hour. And sub-17 is unfathomable. Congratulations!!

  2. Man, Anytime I step within eyeshot of a downtown skyscraper with a camera, I swarmed by security guys reminding me of the very true and very actually real terror risk of photographing buildings. If the terrorists know what buildings LOOK LIKE, they can use TERROR to HURT US!!! Nice work posting a video terror handbook of what the US Bank stairwells look like. Orange Alert.

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