RIDE-Arc Tonight: Fright On!


For the length of my nearly year-long addiction to mass night biking, RIDE-Arc’s vaguely architectural-themed monthly excursions have always taken a backseat as the “ride the week before Ridazz.” Not that they’re an also-ran, just that they’re a diffferent vibe; the smarter and more refined cousin to the rolling rave rowdiness of Midnight Ridazz.

Thus when past first Fridays of the month came around RIDE-Arc rides weren’t necessarily as much a must-do to me, but that mindset’s been modificating this last couple months. Its organizers have debuted a dedicated RIDE-Arc website, and I heard August’s “Watts Up With Watts!” ride and September’s “West Side Reprazent!” tour (both of which I missed) were awesome and inventive and exploratory.

You can add intriguing and mysterious to tonight’s ride which will roll out under a bold harvest moon at 9:30 p.m. from the plaza on the north side of Wilshire Boulevard between Oxford and Serrano (map) over a 20-mile course. Here’s the snip from the “Los Angeles Muertos” ride’s webpage that hooked me and all but ensures my attendance:

“This ride is going to be quite special, as we will be taking a journey in both darkness and light. After many weeks of negotiations, we have been given special privilege that has not yet been granted to any bicycling group before, and may never be again.”

Not sure if that means we’ll be biking down the coroner’s corridors or cruising a graveyard or two, but I’m gonna go find out with a small contingent of the IAAL‚Ä¢MAF who will be rolling from SilverSun Plaza (corner of Sunset and Parkman in Silver Lake; across from Cafe Tropical) at 8:15 p.m. for a pre-ride treat at Scoops on Heliotrope before heading down to Wilshire. Any interested parties are welcome to join us.

Oh yeah… and pix from last night’s IAAL‚Ä¢MAF Trojan Ride are here.