Griffith Observatory Tickets Available Now

I just listened to a great show on KPCC about the new features of the Griffith Observatory and I can’t wait for opening day on the 3rd of November. You can go and reserve your tickets now, which cost $8 to cover the shuttle fee from either the Zoo or Hollywood and Highland and back. The actual observatory is still free, but in order to be able to handle the millions of people that are expected to check out the new digs, they have created a shuttle system and a mandatory timed-entry reservation system. There are still plenty of tickets available for opening day, but I doubt they will last! If you would prefer to hike or bike to the Observatory, you can reserve timed-entry tickets up to 48 hours in advance.

4 thoughts on “Griffith Observatory Tickets Available Now”

  1. “Hike” looks under a mile, which is reasonable. I’ll take the walk rather than pay $8.

  2. “Hike” is straight up a very steep hill & thru a dark tunnel, then up another hill.
    Just be warned, not for kids or elderly. You can park free in the Greek Theatre parking lot, but as mentioned above, still will need a timed entry ticket.

  3. There are other “hikes” that aren’t up such a steep hill and thru a dark tunnel.

    Seek and ye shall be rewarded.

  4. true, the hike doesn’t go thru a tunnel and is relatively easy. i love the fact that the past few nights the lights have been on, that hill has been dark too long now.

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