All hail Czar Neil an effort to right some egregious visual wrongness, L.A. blogger Neil Kramer has taken a stand against the unchecked uglification of our fair city and nominated himself Design Czar. Among his proposed initiatives: mandatory tree planting with car registration; the removal of 75% of L.A. billboards and (my favorite) requiring minimall owners to submit sign designs for his approval. Like Neil, I’m not a freak for aesthetics, and the twee purity of places like Carmel scares me a little (they have their own dirty little minimall-hell secret on the east side of PCH, just south of town), but there’s just no excuse for the nasty that is the vinyl sign stack.

7 thoughts on “All hail Czar Neil”

  1. The minimall sign mashup is one of the truest expressions of Los Angeles’ uniqueness and symbolizes the diversity of the city. Without them, Southern California (they’re not just L.A.) would be less interesting, I think.

  2. I have to say that the mini-mall signs don’t really bother me so much. BUT I am so sick of LA billboards because they are EVERYWHERRRE, and most of the ads suck anyway. Getting rid of 75% of them would be so nice, I think.

  3. Burt – No. Alas, no.

    Evan – I’m not agin’ diversity; I’m agin’ ugly. And squashing/stretching fonts that have no business being squashed/stretched is breaking design rules in the bad way.

  4. How about if the minimall landlord was required to live in one of their buildings? Seeing that crap for 365 days a year might mean some more aesthetically pleasing signage.

  5. Evan – I’m not agin’ diversity; I’m agin’ ugly.

    I’d take being forced to stare at any minimall sign over being forced to stare at the latest “Italian-like” four storey Westside luxury apartment building anytime.

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