Looking for an apartment or are your renting a studio in your basement? Want to know the going rate? Rentometer!


Just pop some specs in and they’ll tell you how much places are going in that area with real world examples if you click on the pins on the map.

Found via Lifehacker.

7 thoughts on “Rentometer”

  1. problem is, when you enter your info, they record it. as disclosed in the “disclaimer”: “…Data entered directly into the Rentometer is offered voluntarily. By using the Rentometer you agree that any data entered may be collected and used for future analysis to improve this free service.”

    Enter at your own risk.

  2. Yes, my friend just bought a house in Los Feliz and he has a basement studio they are renting out for some outrageous amount of money.

    I think it’s a neat service. Even though they do record your info. One thing it doesn’t account for are amenities though. Something that can really effect the price of the place.

  3. so what if you change 1 number in your addr. and lower the rent amount to say 680.00 for a 2 bedroom.
    Thus totally screwing with thier info data base.
    I say have at it lower the rents. he he

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