Jack Sparrow vs. Tom Sawyer

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/10/tomsawyersisland-thumb.jpgThe “hidden in plain site” secret of Disneyland has always been Tom Sawyer’s Island. It’s a great escape from the packed parkgrounds, giving visitors (even adult ones) a chance to explore caves, play in a fort, and try to shake off your signifigant others from a real rope bridge. But enjoy it while you can.

According to Disneyland gossip site Miceage.com, the suits in Burbank are planning on evicting Tom Sawyer and moving in Jack Sparrow for a second Pirates of the Carribean movie themed attraction.

What Burbank has proposed is an ambitious plan to restructure and retheme the island into a pirate playground, where Captain Barbossa and Davy Jones would displace the less than blockbuster Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher.

The current proposal calls for over 28 million to be spent this winter rebuilding and rebranding the Tom Sawyer themed attraction. Gone would be the treehouses, trails and caves referenced in the literary works of Mark Twain and originally designed for the simpler audiences of the 1950’s. In their place would be snazzier pirate themed activities designed for the kids of the 21st century who have grown up with extreme sports and Super Mario Brothers instead of barrel hoops and Tom Sawyer. The current lush wooded landscaping would also presumably be substantially altered, as tropical islands don’t quite match the southern American landscape.

While not as ill conceived as renaming and renovating the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse into Tarzan’s Treehouse, the change is gut wrenching considering how horrible (and thankfully forgettable) Dead Man’s Chest was.

(h/t IMDB Studio Briefing… photo by eyduck via Flickr)

4 thoughts on “Jack Sparrow vs. Tom Sawyer”

  1. I won’t mind the change, as long as they maroon the Jack Sparrow performer(that currently pesters folk in New Orleans) somewhere on that island.

    Preferably have him in one of those hanging, round bamboo cages from DMC.

    The park was always intended to grow and change, I just wish the sentiment extended to Star Tours or bringing the people mover back as it was.

  2. Why cant they priortize getting rid of the godawful Golden Dreams first – another parking lot would be more satisfactory, then renovating Star Tours, then maybe the Island…

    Wait – Disney owns ABC. Maybe they could turn the Island into the “Lost Experience”…

  3. >

    Markland you are Pure Genius – I’m in and I’ll buy a ticket TODAY to get into The Swan!

  4. Actually, Samantha and I went to Disneyland today and Golden Dreams has been replaced by the halloween themed, “Golden Screams”.

    Which, upon further inspection, is a oscar-type award show for the dress-up Disney villians after which you can mingle with the stars.

    Disney actually seems to have invested some cash into their Halloween decorations this year, not has elaborate as the Xmas stuff, but getting damn close! Definitely worth the trip to see the park(s) all halloween-ed out.

    Oh, and Lost island would be boring… I mean, endless, character building flashabacks showcasing MY life certainy wouldn’t entice me into boarding that raft and crossing the river.

    Speaking of Lost, are we just pretending the smog-monster-thingy is GONE now?

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