Houdini Didn’t Sleep Here

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/10/nothoudinishouse-thumb.jpgSorry to spoil the illusion, but the remains of the old Houdini Estate on Laurel Canyon have never actually been the the residence, let alone the property, of Harry Houdini. Perhaps the escape artist had dinner there at one time or another, but there is no evidence to suggest any sort of connection between him and the grounds near the intersection of Lookout Mountain.

Of course, this doesn’t help explain then why Houdini’s ghost has been spotted there frequently…

The rumour that Houdini once owned the land could have come from the fact that his widow lived a few hundred feet up Laurel Canyon… oh, and those remains just look plain cool. Calling them Liberace’s remains doesn’t sound nearly as scary (well, scary in a different way).

(source: E.J. Fleming, “Hollywood Death and Scandal Sites”… photo by pollypeekaboo via flickr)

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